Smart Data Summit 2016

The 3rd Annual Smart Data Summit will be held on 23rd and 24th May 2016 in Dubai. The second edition of the Summit witnessed over 300 senior IT, marketing and business intelligence specialists from globally renowned organizations coming together to emphasize on the potential of big data and analytics and its impact across different industry verticals.

Firmly establishing itself as the premier Big Data Analytics event in the region, the two-day summit covered the theme of future of data management and the role of smart data and analytics in driving revenue growth. With more than 25 sponsors and partners, the summit featured over 15 keynote sessions from senior industry leaders that generated a significant amount of interest and discussion. Through its various informative sessions, the summit promoted the theme of discovering the power of big data, influencing product decisions with analytics, data governance and security and using technology to improve customer experience.

The concept of Big Data and Analytics has evolved considerably with many companies effectively adopting it within their business practices. It has significantly transformed the way in which companies are doing business. With topics such as predictive analytics, personalization with smart data, business modelling and data modelling, data virtualization, the forthcoming edition of the summit will further elaborate the theme of Big Data and Analytics and showcase on how these emerging technologies can be imbibed into best practices.

The Smart Data Summit provides a comprehensive learning experience with real and tangible inputs from industry veterans on the nuances of Big Data and Analytics and its capabilities.  The third edition of the summit will explore important underlying opportunities arising from the field of Big Data and Analytics.

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