MemSQL, The Real-Time Analytics Platform

The World’s Fastest In-Memory Database

MemSQL converges transactions and analytics for fast data processing and real-time reporting. Businesses turn to MemSQL to replace legacy infrastructure and for building next-generation applications.

  • Accelerate Applications and Power Real-Time Operational Analytics.
  • Flexible Scale-Out on Commodity Hardware to Maximize Performance and ROI.
  • Analyze Real-Time and Historical Data Together.
  • Combine relational and JSON data.


Analytics in Your Operational Database

MemSQL’s in-memory store is ideal for mixed transactional and analytical workloads, serving the most demanding applications and real-time analytics. But MemSQL’s tiered architecture means your data isn’t limited to just RAM. With its fully integrated column store, MemSQL expands beyond an in-memory workload.


Focus on the Now

MemSQL enables businesses to process transactions and perform analysis simultaneously in a single operational database. With immediate access to both real-time and historical data, MemSQL opens up new opportunities for revenue and improved customer experiences.

Capture Real-Time Revenue Opportunities

Use MemSQL’s hybrid transaction and analytic processing capabilities to make and automate real-time decisions. For example, leverage real-time data to improve customer engagement with personalization, recommendations, or targeted ad serving.

Power Operational Analytics

MemSQL is ideal for managing and analyzing large data volumes. Legacy databases cannot keep up with the flood of machine-generated data. Use MemSQL to make, or even automate, data-driven decisions in real time and capture the full value of operational data.

Accelerate Applications

MemSQL speeds up underperforming applications. Slow applications delay business insights, degrade user experience, and ultimately threaten revenue. With its unmatched speed and familiar ANSI SQL interface, MemSQL is a powerful drop-in solution to fix application performance issues.


Simple & Scalable Distributed Architecture

MemSQL delivers incredible performance on commodity hardware by using a distributed computing model that makes use of all available system resources. MemSQL’s architecture is simple by design, making it easy to set up, maintain, and scale – which reduces both upfront and long-term maintenance costs.


Deploy On Premises or in the Cloud

MemSQL gives you the freedom to choose the deployment option that is right for your business — house your cluster on premise or host in a public or private cloud. This makes MemSQL easy to deploy, manage, and scale in the way that aligns with your existing infrastructure.



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