TOKUMX™ for MongoDB

TokuMX is an open source, high-performance distribution of MongoDB that dramatically improves performance and operational efficiency compared to basic MongoDB. TokuMX is a drop-in replacement for MongoDB and reduces costs associated with development, scaling, and optimization:

  • 50x performance improvements
  • 90% reduction in database size
  • Support for ACID transactions and MVCC

The Tokutek distribution has exactly the same language interface as MongoDB so you can use TokuMX without changing your application, but it replaces 1970s B-tree indexing with modern Fractal Tree® indexing technology. The result is a distribution of MongoDB that greatly accelerates performance, dramatically cuts disk and flash-drive storage, and supports full ACID transactions.



TokuMX’s Fractal Tree indexing improves MongoDB performance through

  • Better caching – delivers in-memory performance for very large databases
  • Intelligent buffering – drastically reduces disk I/O
  • Document-level locking – results in far greater concurrency over database-level locking



TokuMX uses advanced data compression when storing data and the most dramatic space savings are found in applications that handle highly repetitive data. For example:

  • Social networking data
  • Online marketing data
  • Logfile data



Basic MongoDB lacks support for full ACID transactions and for applications where correctness is critical—this can create a significant challenge for the application developer. TokuMX eliminates that problem by providing native support for transactions and also provides multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) to further simplify application development. TokuMX delivers:

  • Data integrity during frequent reads and writes
  • Greater concurrency through document-level locking
  • Increased developer productivity by simplifying your application


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